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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  November 27, 2016 8:30am-9:01am EST

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? ?. good morning. it's sunday november >> happy thanksgiving. >> can we still say that >> i think so, is that offensive now too? i'm not sure. >> it's like you have thursday night. everybody had thursday off >> i didn't. >> so you know, i think you can stretch the whole stinking holiday >> i went shopping on black friday and wished everyone a very happy thanksgiving. i'm ronica cleary, this is tom fitzgerald. we're here for on the hill. talking about more than thanksgiving, of course, let's talk about the week in politics.
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news week not only from affairs around the world but what's been going on with the state of both this transition. and what's happening between the united states and cuba. donald trump trend to reverse diplomatic relations with cuba. it's unclear if he'll stop the commercial flights >> president obama statement saying we extend a hand of friendship to the cuban people. we know this moment fills cubans. >> our administration will do all it can to insure that cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty but remember, this on the campaign trail take a listen.
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that barack obama has granted to the castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> some expect trump to ground flights along with rolling back other regulatory changes. others say won't be so easy for him to do that. >> the question here is, at his donald trump he's a business money. and the last couple months have shown us that u.s. business interests have been, you know, kind of jumping over themselves to try to get no that island. there's the question about what have we lost here? because you know, fidel castro may be dead and soon to be buried. but has anyone really changed with his government? that was one of the criticisms for the obama administration
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it's not that people didn't have this yearning to see a restoration of relations with cuba but what they also didn't want is to reward this regime that has punished its own people horribly close to half a century and just give them the status of diplomatic relations and not getting anything in return. yes, alan gross was released from captivity. raul castro still in power? yes, he says he's not going to release power until 2018. what happens in 2018? are they going to allow free and democratic elections? are they got allow people to speak their mind, are they going to be allowed to dough sent from the government's hierarchy without being thrown in franchisor in some cases put to death in an execution squadly
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remains to be seen, this ends on barack obama's watch on january 20th. whether or not donald trump does the things on the campaign trail he said he was going to do once he was in the oval office will be another issue >> i watched the facebook video that has gone viral put out by a woman of cuban decent, and it is interesting. you talk about raul castro still in power. will things change? she did note the symbolism of his passing and what that her family, who escaped the regime. i think that's very important to know. and i also >> what did she say? >> she said it was just a symbolic moment, even though raul castro's administration may be no different. he's obviously been on power to look back on her family's bravery to leave the country. it is a time of celebration for many people.
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some of the conversations that have come out. sort of praising fidel castro. i was actually really quite stunned by some of the conversations we've had since his passing. not we. but that i've seen sort of unfold on social media. and it really took me by surprise. you can have a conversation about what will donald trump do? will donald trump maintain the opportunity to fly there, to travel there? talking about tourism, business, but to sit back and commend a horrible things to his people, i really am shocked by it. >> we're going talk about jill stein in a moment. she sent out a tweet laughable at best, praising him >> i can't recall it was a headline on the "washington post" yesterday morning calling him a spiritual beacon to the
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later on that same headline was changed to fidel castro were you the most oppressive dictators in the world. there is this story line that he is somehow some, you know, opposition deacon to people. they call them dictators for a reason. not because you disagreed with them or not like the way they carried on. they're called dictators they stomp out and kill their opposition. that's what is going on in that island far too long and hopefully his death will, you know, ultimately lead to the birth of a real democracy in cuba, not what they have right now. hillary clinton's campaign, we touched on this a minute ago. they're now going to join this effort to push for a recount in wisconsin. this is being led by jill san antonio. >> i'm a little surprised by
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jill stein did lead the effort, she's raised millions to fund the recount. the clinton campaign says it found no evidence of voter hacking but it is participating in the recount to insure that it is quote fair to all sides. president-elect trump dismissed the recount and said the election is over. on twitter, he said, the green party scammed to fill up by asking for impossible recounts is now being joined by the defeated and demoralized: i felt it was interesting he did not name hillary clinton in that tweet. that was a purposesful decision for whatever reason to point to the demes in general and not clinton specifically >> we heard now that the clinton campaign has joined forces with this. i haven't heard hillary clinton herself tweet, say, make any remarks about this. you know, has the captain left the ship here?
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course >> you've seen my desk. i cut out those newspaper headlines thinking back on these big moments >> i have seen your desk. it's a scary place. >> there's a lot of newspaper there >> pinned up on the wall >> one of the headline it's pinned up on the wall, trump won't vowel to honor results. remember that moment after that debate when people went crazy. >> what she said was it was horrifying to hear him say on campaign appearance that is he would not accept the results of the election. she conceded the day after the election, president obama has brought him into the oval office, he's talked about this smooth transition. what the end goal here is? is beyond me besides the fact that jill stein seems to be raising more money for this recont effort than she did for her own presidential campaign. this begs the question.
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who is making the wheels spin on this? if jill stein is doing better on this recount issue than she was on her own presidential campaign, that makes you wonder who really is not accepting the results of this election and who really is trying to move forward and you know, these words that we heard about bringing the country together, and how when you're all going to try to work together for a better country. how sincere was all of that. there was big this effort looking again at the election result >> i had couple tweets. i tweeted out a link to the page if you wanted to make a donation, i heard people say are there better things we can spend it millions of dollars, to help the homeless, the recount has to be finalized 35 days after the election, december 13th.
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in the three states won't be re be through the new year >> it's this recount thing and this other chatter about some guy will get the electoral college to switch their vote? that's denial. that's not accepting what happened in this election. whether you like it or not. we do have to have a new president on january 20th. and this is in florida. this isn't back in 2000. i covered that. those were actual problems with that count. this is, if you don't like the election, you know what? a lot of people don't like this election. five million probably you're right could have gone to a lot other good besides a recount effort that's probably not going to change what happens on january 20th. donald trump is continuing to build his administration over the holiday weekend and adding a
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he named finance lawyer don mcgahn as white house counsel, kt mcfarland, former aid to three presidents, for secretary of state this is up in the air. mitt romney we're told is still in the mix, rudy giuliani is still in the mix, we're hearing dana raw backer. >> south carolina nikki haley set to be the next u.s. united states ambassador, ben carson, not a lady, formally >> thanks for pointing that out >> has been offered the role of housing and urban development secretary. and betsy devos is trump latest selection for cabinet petition as education secretary. >> carson is the one that puzzles me the most out of all of this.
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in his own statement saying i don't feel like i'm qualified to run department of the government and i don't want to do anything to damage the trump presidency, and by the way, ben carson, you ran for president >> i saw your tweet on that >> how can you run for president and not feel like you would be able to run one of the departments? but at the same time, i'm not aware of any particular expertise that dr. ben carson development. it's an interesting conversation. you would think that's the one department in the government everybody is always knocking donald trump about not having any experience. housing something that donald trump knows a lot about >> i'm going to be captain obvious over here in the fact that obviously we don't know what's really going on in these conversation. i think that ben carson selection completely took me by surprised.
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was suggesting for months that he did not want to be part of this administration. then the mitt romney point. you brought up the team of rivals, clinton worked for barack obama, they have to get past the differences but the serious consideration of mitt romney surprises me and that is why i'm not surprised that there are new names being added. >> romney's name is an angeri a team rivals only works if everybody accepts the rivals. and that does not seem to be happening, kellyanne conway tweeting about loyalty, sending a clear signal that there were a lot in the trump position who do not feel that mitt romney is somebody who can be trusted, and because he was so vocal. a lot of republicans weren't thrilled about donald trump, his
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thrilled about the fact that he became the nominee. a lot of them maybe not so thrilled he won the election. but how many of them were as vocal as mitt romney was? how many went out and called him a fraud and a conman and said the things that mitt romney said? some of those words, still sting a lot of people. maybe somebody like rudy giuliani or dana raw backer might be a little more pass jib for the republicans that have backed trump from the beginning rather than going after one of his hashest critics >> i think mike huckabee summed it up. i'm still very unhappy that mit did everything to derail donald trump and that speaks to nikki haley she endorsed marco rubio. it's not about looking back it's about having endorsement, there were 17 candidates but there's something different about the conversation that mitt romney
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donald trump is really all about loyalty. time will tell >> it's i ron, the trump cam will be mad about personal attacks when the trump camp engaged in a lot of personal attacks in his re this campaign. on the hill will be right back after this stay with us.
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welcome become back on this sunday after thanksgiving. wednesday i was at reagan national airport where everybody was leaving. at a on this sunday, this is known as the big return, the day everybody comes back to wherever they went off to >> and curses that traffic. fox 5 tell us a little bit about what's going on >> yes, this is it. packed on the roads on this sunday. coming or going from washington, dc. we do expect it will be pretty busy out there. but weather not going to play much of a part. we have nice travel weather on wednesday, if you were spending the weekend visiting our wonderful city in washington, hopefully you enjoyed your stay and as you get out or leave the airport this morning, satellite and radar showing a few clouds,
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any wet weather to delay you. couple of rain and snow showers upstate new york, showers across maine, but for the most part, quiet. central poverty country onlying supposed to get into the west. no showers left of denver, maybe delays out of denver's airport. snow showers in the higher mountains and rain showers from seattle all the way down to los angeles and places like la angeles, arizona going to see chilly and possibly wet weather as this storm system gets going. here's your holiday return travel forecast for today. only issues may be across the west coast with some of those rain showers. we stay dry, stays smooth across the east coast. that's a look at your holiday let's send it back to tom and ronica. 2016 has been a year full of debates, arguments, harsh words,
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arguments at thanksgiving dinner table >> did that happen in your family >> we talk politics in my house, it's not unusual. it's very -- there's disagreements. sort of the norm for us, not just because it's political >> nobody should be throwing the marked potatoes >> no, we're good. >> this is what we wanted to do. caitlin gave us the travel weather. we wanted to go out and find out, we all got of people in our families. that's why we love them. everybody is a little bit different and brings a little something >> it's not because we have to >> sometimes it's because we have to. we want ask this when you went to that table on thanksgiving you're going to do it again over the christmas holiday. are there any subject that is you absolutely avoid to make the holiday go well? here's what people had to say. >> no.
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>> money. don't talk money. >> no >> what happens when you ask about getting more money from mom >> i got a job. >> and that's how you got the money? >> yeah. >> that was easy. >> probably like parenting skills >> parenting skills? >> yes. >> that's a good one. does that get contentious? >> yeah, i mean, you know, we're all adults. we try not to tell each other what to do. >> no, no. >> what don't you talk about around the thanksgiving table? >> fox news. >> no, no. >> what subject do you avoid? >> politics >> does it get heated? >> it can. it's generational, so it's between the generation >> i think that all families should be talking politics at thanksgiving regardless of whether it's uncomfortable. we're obligated to
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no >> no >> you all get along? everything is in your family? nothing you can't talk about >> nothing i can't talk about >> that was easy >> is there any subject in your family that you avoid? >> politics. >> you don't talk politics around the table? >> no >> usual former speaker newt gingrich. how can you not talk >> my sister and i have a strong agreement we don't ta politics. >> happy thanksgiving, mr. speaker >> that was easy. >> my gosh, tom, who was that? i'm just kidding. >> calista gingrich was just off camera trying to get on to a plane and she's looking at him get over here. he was serious about that. his sister is, you know, support, very strong supporter of hillary clinton, you know, when you're related to newt
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that sometimes, i guess. you got to just go ahead >> and love your brother >> be a regular family every now and then and talk about the marked potatoes and turkey, and maybe not get into that. who wants to talk shop all the time >> i find a little frustration when generation won't talk about it. i think we can learn in different generations. but i agree, sometimes you're an adult. you're nut beginning, you know what you think, you don't need to fight with your sister >> you might not actually change that have the conversation, go at it. don't think when it's all over, they've suddenly had i pifmy and they changed their mind. >> fox 5 on the hill on a sunday morning continues right after
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. joel waldman tells us what >> reporter: january 20th, 2017, day knows dc have been preparing for quite some time. all eyes will be on the city in charge of hosting the inauguration >> the nice thing is our community really knows exactly what to expect in terms of an influx of individuals coming into the city. >> reporter: from the parade to the balls to the swearing in
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surprise that being part of the big celebration means forking over a whole lot of cash. hotel packages have been designed for family friendly groups as well as luxury travelers. >> one of our main suites our royal suite as we call it which is the only bulletproof resistant window equipped in the city is $20,000 >> if you're lucky enough to fall into the group of luxury travelers you may consider a package such as the offered by the four seasons in georgiatown >> enough coming with that, space, entertainment space. house car is available. >> reporter: a committee of locally elected officials estimates insuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the festivities will cost over $75 million. the city itself -- >> 54 days, three hours and two minutes. thanks for joining us on fox 5 news on the hill.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? ad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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the death of fidel castro ignites a new debate over u.s. relations with cuba. today live reports on the celebration in miami. the mourning in havana. and whether donald trump will follow through on his promise to undo efforts by president obama to bring the two nations closer. we'll discuss the breaking news with president-elect trump's new white house chief of staff, reince priebus. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then we'll ask our sunday panel about the latest on the trump transition, the battle over who he'll choose for secretary of state.


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